How to Improve Your Garden

Elen Artificial Green Wall Grass, Rs 100 /square feet Evergreen ...

An artificial green wall that is guttering the garden is one of the simplest and most effective green design methods available. It creates the illusion of more space than the natural vegetation would.

Because artificial green design does not depend on natural plants, they do not have the trouble of seasonal weather patterns and will be used all year round. The first thing to do is decide where to place the wall.

The next consideration is to determine which plant will make the best match in a particular spot. A good selection for a hedge will survive and thrive in whatever environment it is placed.

This is because the planting needs to be in a general direction of the plants it is to stand in for the green design to work. Artificial green walls can be designed to contain different plants in a range of heights.

Once this is decided then the plant type, size and condition of the material being used should be taken into account. No matter how great the plant is it is worth spending time to find out if it suits the design.

It is a good idea to build your plants into the design before the planting begins. This will ensure that the plants are strong enough to withstand the working environment.

It is also important to ensure that the plants that you use in an artificial green wall will survive through any weather changes. Planting without a maintenance plan will only add to the expense of such an investment.

The indoor garden should have good drainage, with some loose soil to keep it in good condition. Good quality plastic mulch can be used to create a barrier between the artificial green wall and the other plants.

Guttering the plant is an easy task. The pots, trays or cups can be placed on the tray and inserted with the drainage holes that are required.

Once the tray has been in place, it should be left to drain properly with the materials used to create the wall. The soil should be loosened from the bottom of the tray cleaned thoroughly to remove any loose dirt.

The drain holes should be small enough for the roots to be able to get through without getting water. A generous soil cover will help the drainage to be completed successfully.

A mulching hedge with a low hedge height is a good substitute if a guttering hedge cannot be provided on a regular basis. They can be positioned in a variety of positions to provide the natural feel of a hedge.

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