Different types of Dash Cam

There are best dash cams that would suit your budget,  having high resolution of 1080p and has the video quality of high definition and also possess the cloud storage for the video clips. It has the memory card of 32 GB and this is small and discreet as the Garmin dash cam. This comes with the wide-angle camera along with the G sensor and the GPS with the loop recording and the installation process is simple and easy. The multipurpose usage makes these cameras popular.

Some of the best Reddit Dashcam one can purchase for their vehicle are the

  • Mobius Action Camera
  • A119
  • Garmin Dash Cam 55
  • Black Vue DR900S
  • Black Vue DR750S

All about the Nexar Dash Cam

This dash cam is the one which does this work only when it is paired with the app and can be used with the smart phones including the iPhone devices. Once the pairing has been done, they will be streaming the live footage and will be saving all the recordings and the clips and that can be viewed in the app. So, this is how you can have all the evidence in your hand and can submit or view it whenever it is needed or required.


This dash cam has the feature of detecting all kinds of the dangers that happen on the road and it saves the clips to the app. To the Nexar cloud account, all the clips are automatically saved, and they are uploaded for free and those clips can be shared from the drives with the high definition quality and with the resolution of 1080p. So this will be very helpful in saving the current as well as the previous recordings and you have the complete record of all of them.

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