Law enforcement agencies – Making the surroundings safe and secure

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A law enforcement agency is an organization that ensures the safety of people and surroundings of a city. The government governs these agencies and keep a close check on the enforcement of rules and regulations. The officers of these agencies focus on offering the best service to all the dwellers of the city and ensure that they don’t face any problems. They work together to make a city safe and liveable for folks. Along with protecting people against crime, agencies such as ada county arrests the criminals and also put efforts to destroy the root cause of the crime and engage with the common people to make them more aware against unlawful activities.

Different types of law enforcement agencies

U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

These are U.S. based law enforcement agencies and are one of the top federal agencies in the country. All the employees of these agencies work full time and have full authority to make arrests, and they also carry light firearms with them. Most officers of federal agencies are employed in Border Protection and U.S. Customs. Some of the prominent duties of these officers include patrolling, quick response, inspections, criminal investigations, protections, etc.

Local and State Law Enforcement Agencies

There are multiple types of local law enforcement agencies such as:

  • Local police: The local government empowers the officials of the local police. There are four subparts of them; municipal, tribal, regional, and county police. The patrol around the area and ensure the proper enforcement of laws. These agencies also invest the crimes that happen in their area, and ada county arrests the guilty.
  • Exclusive jurisdiction police: The officers working in this agency offer various police services in special areas where another jurisdiction is in power such as schools, airports, hospitals, and government buildings.

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