Summer Fashion Trends- Shirts That Every man Should Own

There is no other season in the year that bothers us more than summer. The hot sun shines all day long and its warmth even in the night that gives us no peace. Well, fashion isn’t just but looks, it is about comfort and feel of the stuff. We all know that men’s fashion items have been far long ago, focusing not just on the looks in the outfits, but also it must be comfortable.

The trend must come with something that makes us more of a gentleman. Here are some the shirt styles that you must have on your skin during summer:

1.    Plain Cuban collar

It is perhaps the perfect option for a summer holiday shirt to wear under the sun at afternoons in the park or garden. The retro-tinged short-sleeved wonder has all the bases covered. Wear it with straight-leg trousers, and you will experience update in the looks that everyone wishes to make in men’s fashion.

2.    Oxford button-down

There is no wrong time in a year for this summer buster shirt. This timeless men’s fashion essential is great for layering up your body to prevent it from summer tanning. It can be with shorts. One thing to bear in summer is colour. In the boiling heat, lighter colours prove to be better- think of white to reflect the sun or pale blue or pink. Wear it open over a T-shirt for a cooler evening around the town.

So these are the two summer essential shirts that you must have to have a cool summer. These are not just for beating the sun but, on the contrary, they do not compromise with your looks. These are a sign of updated men’s fashion nowadays and will make you feel the same.

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