What Is An Argumentative Essay? Find out Details Here!

As the name spokes itself, an argumentative essay is an essay which requires argument. An argumentative essay requires an equal balance between the merits and demerits of an essay. It presents argument or discussion on the given topic and you have to present one side more forcefully than another.

You have to present valuable and strong information about the topic. While choosing an argumentative topic must assure that your topic selection is good because it will give a more relatable scope on the debate from your side. Either you are writing positive part or negative make sure that your data and content is relatable and strong so that it will make your essay more effective.

Format of argumentative essay

  • Whatever your topic is always keep in mind that the beginning of your topic or we can say the introduction of your topic must be impressive.
  • Another aspect to keep in mind is that the body of your essay required three paragraphs or three major arguments; these arguments must be strong enough to represent your views.
  • Third key point is that of counter argument. Counter argument is an argument which debunks your earlier point and give more weight age to your ideas.
  • Last but not least, is the conclusion part which is the most important part because an argumentative essay outline requires a last prologue which states an outcome or concluding remarks.

Some other notable tips to keep in mind

  • Always make a proper planning before representing your ideas on the topic.
  • Create an argumentative essay outline so that your essay looks more realistic.
  • Also mention some other sources and quotes in the essay and make your points strong.
  • And lastly, be ready to present your views and defend the another section.

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