What to know about snapchat?

If you are teens and are interested in using the snapchat application, then make sure that you know everything about the application. If you are not able to figure out how it works then what is the point to use it. In the below mentioned information, we will talk about some of the things about the app which is must for every user to know. If you want the best output, then make sure that you are having a good score of snapchat score.

You can watch who is stealing your pictures

On the other social media networking sites, you cannot see that who is stealing your pictures or not, but on the snapchat application, you can make it possible. When someone ibes sneaky with your profile, then snapchat will help you to let you know about it. Even after this, if someone will do it, then snapchat will give you information also about it instantly by sending a notification to you.

Way to get around

Do you know that you can capture the picture of anyone without sending him or her any alarm? You can take the screenshot of the picture by putting your phone on airplane mode. And when you will off the airplane setting then make sure that you have logged out from snapchat. With the help of this, you will be able to take the picture without sending any notification also to that person.

 Making of stickers

You can even make the stickers by taking your friend’s pictures also. Add the face of your friend on any funny sticker which will create their stickers also. The sticker will get the form and will get automatically save also.

Now maintain your snapchat score and get the best by using it to get entertained.

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