How Unregulated Industry Kills Americans

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We hear so much about the evils of big business and bad business practices. However, there is another side to these issues and that is the unregulated industry and the way it kills Americans. Those in power continue to look for new ways to harm people and there are some very pernicious tactics they will use. Find out more in Murder Inc Gerry Goldhaber.

The legalized drug and alcohol industries in America are poisoning the populace and not even the criminal justice system is being used to stop them. These industries are killing people, not helping, and that is the unfortunate truth. For instance, Colorado has become the “party capital” of the United States due to this unmonitored industry, and it is hurting a great many people.

How about Florida, home of the popular “Beverly Hillbillies” television series? Yes, those folks are still being killed by the casino and sports card industry there.

Not only is the gambling industry killing people, but also the human trafficking industry. Just recently a picture surfaced of a young girl named Lucie Delmonte, a victim of human trafficking. Her name is Lucie; she was raped and forced into prostitution and it was all caught on camera by one of her captors.

Many politicians have not taken on this subject because of the mass media hysteria and not having the guts to talk about it. However, we must make our voices heard; this is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. We cannot stand by any longer.

First, we must understand what human trafficking is and how it happens. Think about it, someone is offered something they do not want to buy (a virgin) in exchange for a service (sex). It is a sick and depraved business which often involves forced labor, torture, or forced marriage.

Humans are no different from the animals and they are used in the sex trade and prostitution for the most heinous of reasons. Those who participate in the sex trade industry must understand the pain and suffering it brings on these women and children, and they have to stop the practice immediately.

What can we do to stop human trafficking and prostitution? I am not an expert, but the first thing we need to do is treat the victims of this horrible industry and the need to end it. That will require public awareness campaigns, government intervention, and ongoing education efforts.

How can we teach our youth about these topics? They must be taught the facts about human trafficking and the need to stop it, and the need to advocate for victims so they can have their rights protected.

The best start is to see how they respond when you mention these issues. Make sure that the discussion is a positive one with everyone getting involved. Often times, students will say to themselves, “How could I ever argue with that?”

But the bottom line is, it is hard to take a stand against something that hurts other people. Why should we allow such inhuman acts to go on in our nation? That is why we must put our collective foot down and protect our children.