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If you are looking for the perfect egg farm, make sure you consider visiting one of the best locations in Central Texas – Farm Fresh Eggs! Located in Kingwood, TX, Farm Fresh Eggs is a one-of-a-kind egg farm that produces some of the most healthy, delicious eggs imaginable. As a visitor to this farm, you will find it impossible to believe how small the entire operation is!

Norco Ranch is located approximately 35 miles south of Austin, TX. Farm Fresh Eggs specializes in the production of egg white eggs from their chosen breed of chickens. Their chickens are well taken care of and have been given the freedom to roam freely in a natural setting, to eat the local plants, and to gather food in the wild. See more company biography page.

Norco ranch was established by Thomas Norco and his wife Alice in 2020. Thomas Norco had experienced difficulties with a kidney problem early in his life. Over the years, his quality of life significantly improved due to continued improvements in the care of his birds.

Because Thomas and Alice wanted to share their experiences with others, they decided to create Farm Fresh Eggs to allow others to benefit from what they had to offer. “It is our goal to introduce other farms to the joys of raising happy chickens,” explains Thomas Norco. “We want people to know that chickens are really healthy and will produce healthy eggs.”

As with any operation, managing a small farm is difficult. There are a few aspects of managing an egg farm that Norco utilizes for each chicken. He does not allow too much access to predators, because of their high rate of predation. Norco provides his flock with light bedding so that the chickens can move around freely.

All chickens have their own pen, which is located off of the main housing area. This pen contains both nesting boxes and perches. When a hen is in the appropriate position, she can easily be placed in the hen house. Not only do they enjoy a high level of freedom, but the resulting eggs are extremely nutritious and delicious.

After a three-month gestation period, male and female chicks are separated to allow them to get to know each other. The baby chickens are placed in pairs, one hen for each male. At this time, the owners encourage them to produce the highest quality eggs they can.

Once the breeding phase is completed, the pairings are reestablished at Norco Farm Fresh Eggs. This gives you the opportunity to watch your family’s health improve for the better, as well as the quality of your egg products.

Because of the large number of chickens that Norco requires for his business, it can be expensive. Fortunately, Farm Fresh Eggs offers a generous menu of vegetarian alternatives, which allow you to enjoy the health benefits of the more conventional eggs without giving up the tasty, delicious eggs that only eggs from chickens at Norco Farm Fresh Eggs can produce.

It is important to select a farmer who practices a no-pollution farming practice. Norco allows his poultry to run free and therefore leaves nothing to pollute the environment. Not only is this healthy for the environment, but it reduces the risk of illnesses caused by poor environmental practices.

In the final analysis, consider visiting Farm Fresh Eggs in Central Texas if you want to experience the satisfaction of an egg farm. Be sure to ask about the practices and prices at Norco Farm Fresh Eggs before making your visit!

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