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Bigfoot is the man shaped and man looking hairy creature that left huge footprints and makes everyone in confusion for what this is. There are many people who consider this creature as a part of human ancestors, and some of the people claim that it is an animal or a man eater. Well, if we will talk about the appearance of the creature, it looks like the human and gorilla as well. It is the mixture of a human body and gorilla. Numerous people are wondering for is Bigfoot real? Well, everyone is wondering for this and research on it as well.

If you are also one of them who are looking for the existence of Bigfoot is real or not, then wait for some time until the results will come out. Still, the scientists are not able to claim for existence, but the research is going on. Scientists have found evidence such as the footsteps and their blur appearance in the northwest part of the country. In case, some people are willing to collect information regarding the Bigfoot, then the information will be best for them, which is mentioned below.

 Evidence of the presence:-

There are many pieces of evidence which claim that the Bigfoot is a real creature which exists in the country. Once upon a time, a person named jerry crew found the appearance of a creature when he was going near to his vehicle. He got scared, and he saw an unusual creature there. The foot prints of that creature were 10 times larger as compared to the footprints of normal feet. There are many reporters who covered the news on the Bigfoot.

Due to the shortage of evidence, it is still a mystery that the Bigfoot creature exists or not. Some people believe in the existence, and on the other side, some do not believe in it.  So wait until the research gets done to its final stage with a final decision.

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