Good Cushions for Tailbone Pain

Pain of tailbone is called as a coccyx pain. This pain occurred at the bottom of the spine. Its gets aggravated when you sit for a long time. This disease is mostly found in women’s. Females are easily affected by the diseases. Many females who are pregnant or having given birth to the baby feels this kind of pain at its maximum range. Tailbone includes four composed bones which are fused together. These bones can easily affected it can dislocated or fractured on falling form chair or when you playing your favorite sport.

Cushions like coccyx cushions give good comfort to the spine of the body. It has all the ood quality to give decent demanded support to the back. The materials used in these cushions helps the body to feel direct pressure on the back.

Visco- elasted foam

In this type of pads you find good quality of visco elasted foams material. It has ability to mould itself with shape of the body; it has also decent depth of density in the foam. You can use it anywhere you wanted to use, this is quite versatile in nature. Others cushions in the market use resilient foam and this type of foam generally not good for the heavy weight person. Many comes with gel based in the cushions it combines with foam layer. But the softness of the gel gets disturbed from the extra pressure.

Air cushions

Some coccyx cushions use air to give extra comfort to the body. It can adjust the density of the air according to the need. Cushions with polyurethane foam are most affordable in the market. It never sinks or flatten when being use.


Go for the need of spine. Better is find it on internet because on the internet you will find extra variety of coccyx cushions.

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