Tips to Use Coccyx Cushion

The coccyx or tailbone pain can disturb the functioning of the bottom end of your spine. It can be a result of a fall, fracture, dislocation, childbirth, tumors, and others. This severe pain can limit an individual’s ability to sit, walk, work, etc. in daily life. Coccyx pillows are explicitly designed to alleviate the pain as cushion is with good gel and heavy- duty foam-form.

  1. It is the treatment which can be used anywhere either at home, office or the car seats. So it is with high convenience and can be used anywhere you sit down. However, you can buy any good range of cushion and are not that expensive. All you have to opt consistency as it is the only key to treat the tailbone pain.
  2. Try sitting in a chair with a back and this way you will get extra support. By slightly elevating your hips it will also improve your posture. Even after using cushion your feet might shift a little upward than usual. So that you won’t have any pain in your leg areas then go for a footstool. As the footrest will ensure that your lower body is in a comfortable position. Additionally, if you are using an adjustable height chair, then you can adjust its height also.
  3. Almost everyone commits this mistake. Here I am talking not to use coccyx cushion with other cushions. Sitting with or adding extra pillow will make you sit unevenly and even will also distribute your body’s weight which is going to be unhealthy for your back.
  4. You can also add hot or cold therapy packs into the cushion for some added relief. All you have to wrap the packets in the towel and can place it in the cut-out side of your pillow.
  5. Try maintaining cleanliness and sanitary of the cushion. All this will make your pillow last for a longer duration of time.

However, if you feel like your coccyx cushion has worn out with time, then you can also upgrade or replace it by purchasing the new one. 

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